Stand Proud
Jin Hashimoto
7,582 plays
澤野 弘之
62,673 plays


I have been listening to this for the last hour on repeat I think it’s time I actually watch Kill la Kill

Dark Side of Fate
Team Shangai Alice
2,214 plays

Theme of  Hina Kagiyama from Touhou 10 “Mountain of Faith”

Bad Apple!! (ゆよゆーっぺ Rock Version)
14,043 plays


Original: Bad Apple!!

Artist: yuyoyuppe (ゆよゆーっぺ)

Vocals: meramipop (めらみぽっぷ)

Circle: Draw the Emotional

Album: Single

Feb 25: Favorite fan-made song

Hikari by RD-Sounds

Took me a very long time to think of it. But after much thought and deliberation, it had to be this one. Grimoire of Alice arrange by RD-Sounds. 

Doll of Misery
160 plays

Feb 24: Favorite boss theme

Doll’s Story ~ Doll of Misery

An epic theme to everyone’s favourite sword-throwing demon maid. One of my top favourite boss themes in all of Touhou, and ranking very high in the PC-98 list as well.

Alice in Wonderland

Feb 23: Favorite stage theme

Alice in Wonderland

PC-98 once again, folks. Asking me to pick a favourite stage theme from a series like Touhou is like asking someone what their favourite oxygen molecule they’ve breathed in is. However, this is slightly easier and I could only have one choice in my mind. Alice in Wonderland, the theme of Mystic Square’s Extra stage.

Title Theme
Kenji Yamamoto, Kouichi Kyuma
771 plays


Game: Metroid Prime
Song: Title Theme
25,119 plays


I simply cannot get enough of Ragyo’s theme.

Blumenkranz (:[nZk] ver) [Cover]